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Technology Services


Vision21 Networks


Medina Network Technologies


Qualitest Group


GRP Computer Consulting

Digital Media


Mass Ideation


Amazing Invites



Software / Web Development

Professional Services


24/7 Taxes


Evergreen Tax Services


Asar Khepri Associates


Bastion Insurance Brokerage


Cardavlin Associates


Samuel Ellis Law


Fundaro Injury Law


Family First Inc.

Real Estate


LTime Properties


Bluestone Developers


Lex Property Management Inc.

Business Consulting / Services




Validated Learnings


Manageria International Development Corp.


Sima Can Help LLC.


New Group Adventure Corp.

Trucking and Logistics


KAS Trucking Services

Hardware / Consumer Products


Luscious Vines


Pen and Pistol


Direct Environmental Corporation (DEC Green)


Citizen Industrial


Golden Beans Products


Live Zone Cafe

Property Services


CitiMaids LLC


YB Electric Corp.


Nightlife Security and Bouncer Services


Guardianship Security


Medical Technology


Transparency in Registered Nursing


Sector Wide Healthcare

Home Healthcare / Wellness


Friends and Family Homecare LLC.


Curatio Health Services


Belin Sport and Fitness


Stork and Cradle

Non-Profit / Education


Start Small Think Big, Inc.


The Knowledge House


Revolution Mill Holdings


Sustainable South Bronx


Green Workers Co-op


Destination Tomorrow


Landmark Christian Bible Institute, Inc.


Real Life Church